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After joining the group coaching I was totally hooked! The new way of thinking attracted me immediately. To imagine myself as a brand new creation at the age of 73 year? Absolutely amazing! Newness blossomed in me and I got so inspired to go after this ‘new’ person in me that I started to overcome weaknesses and it has been an absolute miracle! I started understanding new dimensions in quantum physics! It has been amazing how we were guided with compassion, understanding and encouragement. Also with new and fresh strategies! I am so secure in the knowledge the ‘I’ that exist in the future is already connected to ‘me’ in the now dimension beyond this time and space. This has been the most marvelous transformation from the old way of life to a total new way of life by manifesting what you desire it to be! I know that you will be lavished on in every sense in a brand new way.
Oh wow! Paradigm Shift! Coming from a limited mindset to knowing that I am surrounded by infinite possibilities - all I had to do was go within and create what I want! My mind was stretched but thanks the coaching and community I can boldly say I am a creator of my reality. It was an honour to be part of the coaching! I learned a lot from each and every one in the group. I have been receiving so much support and know that whenever I am ‘stuck’ I can reach out to any one of these ladies!
I was experiencing trauma after an attempted hijacking and could hardly drive somewhere without pulling over. Even to the point of thinking if suicide. I had a new job lined up which meant I would visit clients a lot. A friend recommended I do a session and it was so amazing that only after a few minutes I was set free from the trauma response (PTSD). I am so grateful! I am so amazed that it was so simple! I am loving my job.
I had suffered from depression the last years and nothing seemed to be helping, until I started the process of releasing I enjoy my life with less overthinking, more easiness. I am able to just do things and go with the flow of life. I experience more and more situations where I am content with the NOW and I do not have to think of yesterday or tomorrow. I am happy in the now and looking forward to live more of who I really am.
Since I joined the Group coaching I grew in so many ways. I learned more about quantum physics and manifesting with women all over the world and I benefited in so many ways from this community. I discovered that everything IS possible in my life.
 I enjoy being part of a group of like minded individuals with the same desire to manifest the Kingdom of Yahweh on earth. I’ve found it very encouraging to learn and share together. It is important to have the safety of a group where you can voice your struggles and support each other in this arena. I’m deeply grateful for the growth in my life because of it and would recommend it highly. At some point in our lives we have to decide if we really want to embrace change. To change we have to be willing to embrace new ideas and apply what we’ve learned. It's worth it to live out who you were meant to be. We were all born for a time such as this.
Traumatic knee and thumb injury healed spontaneously. The first scan showed torn ligaments and broken bones and the second scan had the doctor saying he made a mistake reading the first scan.
Twenty-six days after a traumatic accident, my son in law has opened his eyes for the first time. This is just days after using this material!
Money coming in from all directions. I ruined my very expensive work shoes, and when I came in the next day my employer gave everyone $150 to buy new shoes.
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