Awaken to Oneness:

Live From Colorado
July 22-24, 2022

Activate Your Limitless Potential

Some Topics We Will Cover Include:

  • Spiritual Connection Bootcamp.
  • Identifying YOUR Destiny & Living Your Higher Purpose.
  • Activating the ability YOU Possess Already in the Spiritual/Energetic Realm to Achieve YOUR Goals.
  • Discover the Nature of Your Biofield.
  • Restoring FLOW.
  • Unlock Unlimited Potential as ENERGETIC Beings.
  • Activation Through a Biofield Energetic Session.
  • Discover YOUR Sound.
  • Practicing Presence Through Sound & Breathwork.

Meet the Speakers

All of our speakers are highly qualified professionals, widely acknowledged in their field.

Ashley Douglas

Co-founder of QUANTUMYOU, Speaker, Realization Coach

Ronel Lonzer

Co-founder of QUANTUMYOU, Coach & Mentor

Margaret Beam

Energy & Mindset Coach, Founder of Tuning Into Life, Co-founder of Age to Come University

Katharine Wang

Spiritual Connection & Bliss Coach, Co-founder of Age to Come University

Madelein Vermaak

Teacher of Presence

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Online Access

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Includes Recordings of Sessions


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