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About This Course

Join us in this course to discover the true motivations behind our yearning for love and security and how this influences your relationships. Even if your relationships are in a good place, our subconscious tendency is to use our emotional self-gain as the primary motivating factor in relating to others. Through life’s experiences, we have learned certain programs by observing and taking what our parents, peers, teachers, leaders, and others have modelled for us as the way to respond in our relating to others. Typically, our responses are for one purpose: to influence the feelings of others towards ourselves and by doing that fulfil our own inner goals.

As we move into this course, there are a few key questions to think about:
  • What is your real purpose in relationships?
  • Is it possible to have fulfilling relationships and be happy regardless of how others behave towards you?
  • Is it possible to only feel love for everyone?

Our objective in this course is to bring you to a place where you experience true fulfilment and peace in your relationships regardless of what’s happening on the external environment. We are going to give you a deeper understanding of how to be transcend our human understanding of love which primarily centers around attachment and dependency.
Some topics in this course include:
  • How to fulfil your own sense of completeness so you’re not straining your relationships by seeking that from outside of yourself.
  • Discover how everyone you interact with benefits from your understanding
  • How to experience perfect peace and love towards everyone.
  • How to get your emotional needs met automatically and effortlessly.
  • How to live without envy or comparison with yourself towards others.
  • How to discover that taking care of yourself first shifts how other’s respond
  • How to live free from worry in any relationship.
  • How to consistently maintain a state of courage, joy, peace and love.of relationships.
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*Supplemental worksheets will be available for immediate download. Live class links will be emailed to you directly after purchase.

Ronel Lonzer &
Ashley Douglas

Founders of QUANTUM YOU
​Ronel and Ashley were connected by divine appointment to bring you a platform and a community with which to discover your effortless abundant nature. Through their own life’s journey, Ronel and Ashley have each been uniquely trained to both practice and teach methods of bringing forth the desires of the heart into the now to allow for the expression of our true life’s purpose: to love and be loved.
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